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Vision & Mission


To become the No.1 TV channel in India. Our aim is to make Mandra TV the most popular TV channel of Malayalees through expertise in technology and quality of programmes. Casting aside the shades of religious or political interventions, we bring to you news, transparent to the core. People from all walks of life can watch the truth nothing but the stark naked truth. Our programmes are designed to bring a new fragrance of freshness. Besides engrossing documentaries on contemporary issues, we telecast cinemas and reality shows apart from mythological and cartoon serials. Most important of all we are bringing to you 3D serials and films riding on the wings of the latest technology. Many 3D serials are in the making. The Bible, 1001 Arabian Nights, Devarshi Naradan, Horror Magic Show and Dinkan are only some of them. The commercials in between the 3D programmes also will be in 3D. this will bring more mileage to the commercials and the advertising companies are sure to make a bee -line for this.



Our mission is to provide the world with relevant, reliable, innovative and quality content and to develop a clear and differentiate brand with content identity. It is also our mission to telecast positive educational entertainment programmes which are innovative, creative, informative and fun filled, to promote independent analysis of human rights, health, environmental and sustainable development issues, and to raise voice for the under- privileged/poverty stricken lot.