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About us

We  S&S Elegant pvt Ltd. is an established business group in Kerala with diversified interests and business activities. Backed up by years of legacy and business exposure, we are now bringing one morenew excellent venture for you — athoroughly interactive family entertainment TV channel. 


We are a blend of technicians and entrepreneurs with a strong will power to make the impossible, possible — watching a 3D programme on normal TV! The production cost might soar even ten times, but we are determined. The exorbitant expenses for 3D technology and the scarcity of experienced 3D technicians is a challenge to all existing channels. We have overcome all hazards and hurdles by moving hand in hand with the No.1 3D team in India. We are equipped with own animation studio where various 3D programes are on the anvil. So, keep your fingers crossed and wait for the miracle with eyes wide open.


Now as we are getting nearer to our destination, we have great pleasure to take you along with us through this journey to enjoy the new side of life. We are resolved to make it to the best and all the more pleasant.